About Us


Spreading our mission, one fabulous statement piece at a time.

The Hello Seven Swag Shop is an extension of our mission at Hello Seven — to help marginalized folks make more money.

We want to spread this mission around the world through high-quality apparel and accessories that send empowering, boundary-pushing messages about wealth creation.

To learn more about our mission, and to find out how you can join our business coaching community, The Club, visit the Hello Seven website.

To learn more about how we’re specifically helping Black mothers before, during, and after childbirth, visit the Hello Seven Foundation website.

To stay connected with us on social media, follow us at @hello7co and @rachrodgersesq on Instagram, @rachrodgersesq on Twitter, and Rachel Rodgers on Facebook.

And in the meantime, stay powerful, swag-full, and coin-full.